Monday, 18 February 2013

Focus on Life - Week 7 - Beauty of Flowers

 This weeks challenge by Sally Russick is quite apt with Valentines Day having come and gone with more snow in the mix.  So here is my first offering some lovely snowdrops just coming through and then the gorgeous bunch of flowers from my Valentine.

Focus on Life - Week 6 - Feel the Love

So another week goes by in Sally Russick's challenge to focus on life by taking 52 photos this year of 2013.

This week we were asked to feel the love in the air.... (when I say this week that was beginning of February but I was laid up with the flu and a nasty chest infection; still bothering me yet grrrr!!).  I took the pictures but it has taken me a couple of weeks to sit down on the computer to blog about it.

So it has been 4 years since Isla came into our lives and LOVE is a word I would use to describe her.

Another essential that makes me feel the love is SNOW of course I can't get enough of it so most of the winter season is taken up by snowboarding.  My partner works on the gritters so is often on standby and we don't get to snowboard as much as we like but it certainly helps that he has a passion to get the roads open to Glenshee (our local resort).  So back onto the subject of snow, you can imagine my delight when I got up in the morning to look out of the kitchen window to this view.

 The hens are now used to the snow, but I can't imagine that they enjoy it like we do!!