Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jewellrleigh - Spring Fever Design Challenge

So I am late in the day at posting my blog for this challenge for a variety of reasons....Easter Holidays with family last week, Birthday this week and now a trip to the docs because I can't see (minor infection - have ointment now).

So enough of me havering rubbish and on with the Spring Design Challenge.  I was one of a lucky few to be selected randomly to be able to purchase a pack containing delightful goodies from Lesley Watt of Theatoo, Claire Braunbarth of Smitten Beads and Caroline Dewison of blueberribeads.  Of course I had no clue which set I would receive and was pleasantly surprised when mine arrived below:

Some of you may know that I suffered an agonising hand injury at the end of December so this was my first attempt at making a jewellery set.  I opted to use waxed linen cord for the bracelet and necklace as this was easier on my hands.  However, despite lacking strength in my left hand and still having hypersensitivity in one finger I decided to try a pair of earrings with wire wrapping.  I found it really difficult but was quite proud that I managed to achieve my goal.

Now why don't you hop around these other blogs of the lovely ladies who are also participating in the challenge to see what they did with their packs.

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