Monday, 12 November 2012

Artisan Whimsy Blog Reveal

I recently entered this challenge invited by some great designers and choose Edinburgh, Isle of Wight and Southhampton.

Edinburgh - proved to be a challenge read on and find out more!

The Stone of Destiny originally lay at Scone Palace in the lovely Perthshire from where I hail. People believe that the original stone was hidden prior to the invasion and has never been found.  The stones in existence today are merely copies.  Now here is my own version, I originally started using red sandstone as was used to make the original but it proved rather troublesome and here is the next attempt:

Isle of Wight

I remember beach holidays as a child.  When I saw Pippa Chandlers beach hut, it brought back those childhood memories.  So there you have it, this bracelet in sweet pinks is from these times, embodied by the image that the Isle of Wight pictures in my head as sadly I have never had the pleasure of holidaying there.


I picked this category and it was the hardest of the three that I picked.  It was a challenge to find the beads in the theme that I wanted.  Similar to Rebecca Anderson's cupcake idea, I have small bowls sitting on my dressing table with groups of beads awaiting inspiration.  I was originally thinking of using this combination for a winter/xmas theme but nothing was forthcoming until this blog challenge.

The titanic owners White Star line are symbolished by a red flag overlayed with a white star, the titanic itself was red, black and white.  So my colours fitted in perfectly and I used the frosted white pebbles to symbolise the icebergs.

An interesting fact for me is that the day/month that Titanic sank is the same as my birth date 15th April.  I was keen to lay my hands on beads to symbolise the star in the flag hence the pendant from Lesley Watt with waves incorporated in the design.  The brass ocean liner charm brings it all together.  I hope you agree.

Another interesting thing about this piece is that it started out as a necklace, but can actually be worn as a bracelet as well, you decide....


  1. Wow! You've totally gone to town.....I feel so bad that I don't have anything to show yet.....ah well. Love you stone of destiny piece! Great Uncle Jim would have been proud ;-)

  2. Wow Leigh! You have made three wonderful pieces of jewellery! I should say that the Southampton bracelet is my favourite as that's my home city, but I really love the Isle of Wight bracelet as it reminds me of childhood holidays on the Isle of Wight. You can actually see the Isle of Wight across Southampton Waters. Thank you so much for taking part in our challenge three times!

  3. Each one of your pieces is a beautiful representation of the inspiration. I especially like the last bracelet/necklace. Each one is very beautiful. Great job.

  4. All three of these are great pieces Leigh and having made some of the components for your its great to see how you brought your vision to reality. I love the whimsy of the SOuthampton piece so I think that has to be my favourite though.

  5. Thank you ladies, I certainly thought about the Southampton one the longest and did a bit of research too. The train of thought for Stone of Destiny was easy as I am just up the road lol :D I did a bit of googling of pictures for Isle of Wight and would so love to go on holiday there now, but then from all the postings I see that most people feel the same!

  6. I really like them all, but my personal favorite is your bracelet for the Isle of White! I've certainly not been there, but have seen beach houses in the U.S. in all sorts of bright and pastel colors. It's so beautiful to see them all lined up in their boldness! I just love your version in pink!

  7. Oh, I knew I would do that sooner or later! "Isle of Wight!" :-)

  8. Oh my! You did three of them! My favorite is Edinburgh...really like your "Stone of Destiny"!