Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pay it Forward - 1st Surprise

So whilst the dust is still settling from the results post, I decided to crack on with the first surprise.

This one will be for Lucy of Faerystone who is very kind to her beading colleagues with plenty of praise and advice.

Lucy asked for a complete surprise.  I hope I have picked well, I had in mind to gift Lucy this bracelet for sometime so what better time than the present.  It was one that she quite liked and enquired about a while ago.

Another idea I had after being the lucky recipient of a few prizes lately was to share some of my good luck and winnings with others.  Keeping with the same colour theme I thought this set of beads would be a nice surprise, they remind me of marbles.....

So Lucy I hope you like these, enjoy working with your new beads and wearing your new bracelet.  It's always nice to get something that someone else has made :D

Love and turkey leftovers
Leigh xx

1 comment:

  1. Oh Wow Leigh you really have spoilt me the bracelet is stunning and i will really treasure it and yum love the beads won't they be fab for the new spring colours thankyou chick now to sort out my pay it forward this should be fun lol xx