Monday, 10 September 2012


How exciting my first BLOG!! I am so hyper after creating my first cuff bracelets today using wire another first.  But before I get carried away I should probably start at the beginning.

It's almost a year since I went along to my very first jewellery making class all nerves and excitement.  I could barely keep quiet, although most would say that this is normal for me any day of the week.  We were introduced to crimp necklaces by the most kind and lovely teacher.  I followed this with another two classes; one for simple knotting and another for charm bracelets.  Since then, I have plodded along slowly testing out different things and making jewellery for my friends and family.  Last Christmas my workmates were all hoping that I would get them in the Secret Santa draw.  Needless to say they shouldn't have worried as I was asked to make a few pieces for Santa's pressies.

I  must say I rather enjoy getting my monthly Beads & Beyond magazine to look for different ideas and inspiration.  Then the other week I was invited to join a group on facebook - BeadSmitten, created by the one and only Claire Braunbarth; designer and owner of Smitten Beads. /

Now The Group BeadSmitten was created by Claire to bring together her customers and fellow designers.  What an inspiration though it has it's drawbacks!!  I dread to think how much I have spent on beads and the new gorgeous silk chiffon in this last two weeks.  I have to say the group has helped me find my jewellery making mojo again and this last week I have created these:

  Leaving you with these, my next blog will bring you my wire making jaunt into the wilderness.............. what fun :)

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