Monday, 10 September 2012

Wire Work how did I get started on this then!  Well I saw a tutorial on a bead website and liked the look, but never got around to doing it until there was a delivery of coloured wire to my favourite store Smitten Beads.  I thought I'd be clever and search the web for a book or magazine to help me on my way.  Stumbling onto a forum with the promise of a free wire jewellery book I thought yipee home run!!  Ha ha too good to be true it was all about crochet and knitting.

Never fear I plodded along anyway (those that know me will say thats because I'm stubborn and determined) and browsed through lots of pics on the web before starting.

Here is my first attempt:

and because I got carried away with the moment the second:

Of course there was lots of encouragement along the way from my fellow beaders, including tips for picture taking (thank you Lesley The Gossiping Goddess.)  I feel like it is becoming an addiction and I just can't stop!! Help me please :D
Of course there is a whole other story to the collecting of the branch for the picture...............

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